iRadioAlarm Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains answers to frequently asked questions handled by our sales/support staff.

Can I purchase iRadioAlarm at my local software store?
iRadioAlarm is distributed exclusively via the Internet or through independent sales representatives. You can download the complete product from the Thunder Software web site. The FREE version operates just like the licensed version except that it is supported by advertising until you purchase a product license. The FREE version does not expire and allows you to use the full functionality of the software. When you purchase the Licensed Version of the product you will receive a registration code which will unlock the software and remove the advertising.
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You say the FREE version is supported through advertising, what kind of ads will display?
There is no need to worry about inappropriate ads displaying in the FREE version, All advertising will be family friendly, you have our word.
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How come i cannot see or hear the MSAgent® animated characters?
A number of factors can be attributed to this, first off you can verify that you have a sound card installed on your computer and the speaker volume is at an appropriate level. If you can hear other audio but not the msAgent characters please check out our MS Agent Support page to verify you have all of the system requirements installed to support the Microsoft Agent technology.
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Why did some of my saved links stop working?
If a link you had saved no longer works, check to see whether the file or playlist is still located in the same folder. If the link is from an internet source validate that the url/link is still valid by visiting the site in your normal internet browser. If the link has changed you will be required to update the link in iRadioAlarm.
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Why do some of the samples entries not work?
Its difficult to diagnose why a certain sample file or link does not work on your system. More than likely it is due to software or media player or plug-in missing from your computer. An assortment of file types are included as samples when you install the software, for instance if your system does not include the Quicktime® player from Apple® and you attempt to play a Quicktime file the media will not play. More than likely, however, you will be prompted or notified that the player or plug-in is required to play the type of file you are attempting to play.
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Why are there two different link types for Quicktime® files?
A security feature of more current versions of Quicktime® require a local instance of the Quicktime® Player from Apple® if you are wanting to play a Quicktime® file from your local computer. If the file is located on the internet then all that is required is the Quicktime® plug-in. Use the link type of QTPLAY for local files, those located on your computer or you can use the link type of QUICK for files located on the internet.
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I'm not comfortable giving my credit card number over the internet, can I order by check?
Thunder Software has selected FastSpring, one of the finest, most highly respected registration companies to process credit card orders safe and securely. If you prefer, FastSpring can process your order by check or money order, simply check the mode of ordering when purchasing.
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Whats the best way to get started after installing iRadioAlarm?
We recommend experimenting with the sample files that are installed with iRadioAlarm. Try playing each of the sample entries to determine which types of files are currently supported on your system. See how different media types such as Quicktime® play based upon whether they are stored locally on your computer or are linked via the internet. Then start adding your own files, playlists or links. Check out the preferences to determine if you want the hourly chimes to be enabled (default) or not, or to restrict when they are enabled. Go ahead and set any of the defaults for your alarm and snooze times and just start playing around to see how things work. Then... enjoy!
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What happens to the information I saved when I upgrade to the Licensed Version?
Not to worry, any information you have entered while running the FREE Version will be retained when you upgrade to the Licensed Version.
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How do I backup my data?
You can backup the files located in the folder that you installed iRadioAlarm.
For disaster recovery purposes you can reinstall the software from the downloaded installation file, re-apply the registration code to remove the advertising and then simply copy the backed up files back into the installation folder. When you backup your files you should not be running iRadioAlarm. If you find yourself recovering from a computer disaster it may also be necessary to visit our MS Agent Support page to make sure you have all of the Microsoft Agent components installed.
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Does iRadioAlarm run on a network?
iRadioAlarm is sold as a standalone system though it can access media files on the internet or a local area network. Just remember that once you are off the network those files will not be available to access.
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Is there a way to sort the information differently?
You can sort the information that appears on most screens by simply clicking the column heading to sort in ascending order, click it again to sort in descending order.
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What are the minimum system requirements to run iRadioAlarm?
System Requirements
Computer/Processor 200 MHz or higher
Operating System Windows Vista, XP, 2000, ME, NT4 (sp6), 98, 95
Memory 32MB or more RAM Recommended
Download Size 21.0 MB
Disk Space Required after Installation 27.0 MB
Screen Resolution Minimum: 800 x 600
Recommended: 1024 x 768 or higher
Microsoft Agent Technologies Visit our MS Agent Support page to determine if your system has all of the required technologies to support the Microsoft Agent technology
Optional Browser Plug-Ins Recommended: Adobe Flash Player
Optional: Apple QuickTime Player
Optional: Real Networks RealPlayer

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When doing table maintenance I received a primary key error, did I do something wrong?
Not at all, iRadioAlarm is using relational database technology to store your information. What that means is that data in some tables is dependent upon data in another table. The error you received means that you are not allowed to delete a record in a table because it is currently being referenced in a dependent table, thereby keeping the integrity of your data intact. This would occur, for instance.
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Does iRadioAlarm come with an uninstall?
iRadioAlarm can be uninstalled by going to the Windows control panel, click add/remove programs, highlighting iRadioAlarm, then click 'Remove' or 'Change/Remove' to perform the uninstall.
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Can iRadioAlarm run as an iPhone® application?
iRadioAlarm in its current form is not designed to run as an iPhone® application although we are considering making the necessary modifications to support it.
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